Leading Employers

Leading Employers

ADM Milling
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees:100 SIC: 3112
Product or Service: Grain Milling Office function: milling NAICS: 311211

City of Arkansas City
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 113 SIC: 9111
Product or Service: Municipal Government Office function: City Government Offices NAICS: 921110

City of Winfield
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 170 SIC: 9111
Product or Service: Municipal Government Office function: City Government Offices NAICS: 921110

Columbia Elevator
Location: Strother Field, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 60 SIC: 33
Product or Service: Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication Office function: Elevator and cab manufacturing NAICS: 0

Cowley College
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 212 SIC: 8221
Product or Service: post secondary education Office function: Community College & Vocational/Technical Education NAICS: 611310

Cowley County
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 154 SIC: 9111
Product or Service: County Government Office function: Government Offices NAICS: 921110

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 850 SIC: 3116
Product or Service: Animal Processing Office function: NAICS: 311612

Galaxy Technologies
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees:153 SIC: 3335
Product or Service: Manufacturing Office function: manufacturing NAICS: 33351

GE Aviation
Location: Strother Field, Kansas ( Cowley County ) Employees: 750 SIC: 4881
Product or Service: Aircraft Engine Maintenance Office function: Branch NAICS: 0

Jet AirWerks
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 24 SIC: 4881
Product or Service: Jet Engine Repair Office function: Jet Engine Repair NAICS: 0

Location: Arkansas City , Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees:277 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Aseptic Cold and Frozen Drink Packaging Office function: Headquarters NAICS: 3121

Kansas Veterans Home
Location:  Winfield (Cowley)                                                                      Employees: 167
Product or Service:  Health Care and Long term care

L.G. Pike Construction Co Inc.
Location: Arkansas City (Cowley)                                                               Employees: 53
Product or Service: Railway Maintenance

Morton Buildings
Location: Strother Field, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 48 SIC: 3323
Product or Service: Metal Building Plant Office function: Plant NAICS: 0

Newell Rubbermaid
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 800 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Plastics Manufacturing Office function: Branch NAICS: 0

S and Y Industries 
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 100 SIC: 3679
Product or Service: printed circuit board & wiring harness manufacturing Office function: electronic assembly NAICS: 334418

Skyline Corp
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 125 SIC: 3323
Product or Service: Manufactured Homes Office function: Manufactures Homes-Industry NAICS: 0

South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 215 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Hospital and Outpatient Services Office function: Hospital NAICS: 8062

Southwestern College
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 214 SIC: 8221
Product or Service: secondary education Office function: University NAICS: 611310

Twin Rivers Developmental Supports
Location: Strother Field, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 77 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Developmental Disabilities Services Office function: NAICS: 0

United School District No 465
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley County ) Employees: 625 SIC: 8211
Product or Service: Education Office function: elementary and secondary schools NAICS: 611110

United School District No 470
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 444 SIC: 8211
Product or Service: education Office function: School NAICS: 0

Webster Combustion
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 63 SIC: 3324
Product or Service: Boiler, Tank engineering & manufacturing Office function: manufacturing and engineering NAICS: 332410

Western Industries
Location: Strother Field, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees:195 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Blow molding Manufacturing Office function: Branch NAICS: 3261

William Newton Memorial Hospital
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 310 SIC: 8062
Product or Service: Hospital and Outpatient Services Office function: NAICS: 0

Winfield Correctional Facility
Location: Winfield, Kansas ( Cowley ) Employees: 200 SIC: 0
Product or Service: Department of Corrections Office function: NAICS: 0