Agriculture in Cowley County

Population: 36,204
Total Farms: 650
Land in farms: 574,614 acres
Average farm size: 580 acres
Average precipitation: 35.92 inches
Livestock operations: 500
Total cattle inventory: 47,800
Dairy farms: 10
Crops: wheat, milo, corn, soybeans,
sunflowers, cotton, alfalfa, brome hay,
sudan grass, native grass (prairie hay).

Agriculture continues to drive the economy in Cowley County. From cattle ranches in the beautiful Flint hills, to the rich cropland in the western and central portions of the county, the region’s farming roots run deep.

It ranks 6th in the state in amount of acres of land in farms. wheat, milo, corn, cotton and cattle what most of us see from the roadside. But the farming landscape ranges from heavy production agriculture, to niche crops and farm-to-table operations expressed at seasonal farmers markets in Winfield and Ark City.

Some of the lessor known crops coaxed from the soil here include pinto beans, grapes for wine, soybeans, flowers and hay.

The county ranked fourth in the value of cotton and cottonseed sales in 2012, and ninth in fruits, tree nuts and berries. Livestock farming includes dairy cattle, sheep, hogs, goats and horses.

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