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UPDATE: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Today, the Health Department was forced to pause COVID testing due to a shortage of test kits and a large spike in the county illness rate. We have revised our COVID testing policy and schedule and, unfortunately, will need to scale back our testing in a large way.

Testing will resume tomorrow, Thursday January 13, 2022, though we will be limited to running 48 COVID tests per day, and testing will now be by appointment only, on a first-come first-serve basis. Members of the public will need to call the Health Department in order to be scheduled for an appointment. Upon scheduling the appointment, those who need testing will be given a confirmation number. They will need to bring this confirmation number on the designated day of the appointment in order to be tested. Test results will also no longer be same day; members of the public may have to wait several days before receiving test results. Please read the linked press release for more information on the new testing procedures. HERE

UPDATE: Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 12, 2022, we will be halting COVID testing. The Health Department has exhausted its supply of rapid antigen test kits for COVID and will be unable to perform testing.

The shortage is primarily due to increased demand following a spike in illness for the county, as well as a nationwide shortage on test kits. 

We will be posting a revised testing schedule this week and advise the public to check back here later for updates on how the Health Department will continue testing in the future. Please read the following press release for more information HERE



The much publicized and anticipated BOOST doses of Moderna mRNA vaccine are finally ready to be provided.   News reports have chronicled the activity of the FDA, CDC and State Health Department during the entire process.  Now it’s all coming home to local providers to do the work.  Cowley County residents that have received COVID vaccinations are going to be able to schedule booster doses if they so desire. There are some conditions.  The boost dose should come 6 months after your initial series was completed (i.e., 180 days after your second dose).  We will review your records for you and make certain that you receive the correct dose for your age and risk factors.

To make it as simple as possible we ask you to call us, and we will get you scheduled quickly at a convenient time.  We will be offering afterhours and weekend clinics as well as onsite clinics for employee groups.

The approval of boost doses does NOT mean that you are not protected against COVID currently, so if your boost date is still weeks away don’t panic.  We have a great deal of evidence that shows the vaccines already provided are working well.  The additional doses being made available now are designed to stimulate the immune response and enhance the antibodies that you have already developed to help protect you as we head into the winter months when respiratory illnesses are most active.

If you have questions about if you need a booster please call us, we will be happy to talk with you about your specific health situation.

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Questions about vaccinations for Covid-19? Click HERE for more information.

The City-Cowley County Health Department has been engaged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in cooperation and partnership with many agencies around the county. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment keeps a continuous track of cases reported within Kansas.

For archived information and previous press releases, please visit the Covid-19 Response Information page.

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