Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a community-wide strategic analysis conducted by William Newton Hospital, the Health Department, and the Community Health Center every 3 years. This evaluation seeks to identify deficiencies within the community health system and to develop a 3-year plan to improve the health of the community.

The development of the CHNA brings together community health leaders and providers, along with residents and stakeholders in order to research and determine community health needs and to document strengths within the community health system. This process is detailed within each report and includes data collection and analysis of unmet needs within the community. Each CHNA must include the following:

  • A demographic assessment of the community served by the hospital.
  • A community health needs survey of perceived healthcare issues.
  • A quantitative analysis of verified community health needs.
  • An appraisal of the current efforts to address healthcare issues.
  • The formulation of a 3-year plan to address the identified health needs and to improve community health.

Following the completion of the CHNA, a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) will be drafted and used as a foundation for community health improvement efforts for the next 3 years. This plan will provide a concrete approach for community health leaders in addressing the needs of the community and providing an efficient path for community health improvement.

In this endeavor, William Newton Hospital partners with the Health Department and the Community Health Center to conduct the CHNA. The completion of the CHNA provides many benefits including: 

  • Increased knowledge of community health needs and resources.
  • A common understanding of the priorities of the community’s health needs.
  • Enhanced relationships and mutual understanding between and among stakeholders.
  • A basis upon which community stakeholders can make decisions about how they can contribute to community health improvement.
  • Opportunities for collaboration in delivery of services to the community.
  • Guidance for the hospital and local health department in how they can align their services and community benefit programs to best meet needs.

In each completed Community Health Needs Assessment, the methodologies employed and documentation for the process are included as well as input from community stakeholders and residents. The following links are previous CHNAs conducted for Cowley County, including the latest from 2021:

2021:  Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report and Health Improvement Plan Draft

2018:  Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report

Conducted in 2015, published in 2016:  Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report

Further information regarding the requirements and guidelines for the completion of the Community Health Needs Assessment can be found on the IRS's website. For more information regarding Cowley County's CHNAs, see William Newton Hospital's website and the Community Health Center's website.

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