Shelter FAQ

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I don’t have a basement in my home. What should I do?

Go to the lowest level of your location. If possible, go inside a small room with no windows such as a closet or bathroom.  

I don’t feel safe sheltering in my own home. Where do I go if I need to seek shelter?

Sheltering begins at the personal level. Before severe weather strikes, contact your neighbors, friends, or other family to locate alternate shelter locations.

If I have to leave my home to find a shelter, when should I leave?

Some communities do offer public shelters to citizens. Many of those shelters are open 24 hours a day, but some are only open when severe weather is imminent. By using the shelter listing or map, locate the shelter you’d most likely use. Drive to it so you are familiar with the distance, parking and entrances ahead of time. Contact the owner if you have any further questions. But,be sure and leave with enough time to reach and get inside the shelter safely.

Why doesn’t every community have a public shelter?

Communities are not required to provide public sheltering. Many do it as a service and they have the locations to do so. However, some areas or communities do not have shelters.

How do I know who owns or operates public shelters?

Check out the community shelters listing for ownership/contact information.