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Service Providers and Information


The choice is yours!  It is the choice of the individual/guardian to choose the provider for services.  Please contact the CDDO at any time to make a change in providers.  It is at the CDDO where a person will make their initial choice of providers as well.

Community Service Providers

If you would like to view the providers click here:  Provider Contact Information Services

Area Services

There are many different types of services available.  Here is a listing of  some of the services provided in Cowley County and the surrounding area.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact our office.

Case Management:  Assists the person and the person’s support network to identify, select, obtain, coordinate, and use both paid services and natural supports to enhance the person’s independence, integration, and productivity.

CDDO (Community Developmental Disability Organization):  A single point-of-entry for all community services which processes applications, determines eligibility, informs applicant of all service options, and coordinates access to funding and services.

Day Habilitation Services:  Regularly occurring activities that provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward, personal contribution, or remuneration and thereby maintains and/or increases adaptive capabilities, independence, integration, and participation in the community.

HCBS Services:  Through the enactment of Section 2176 of Public Law 97-35 of the Social Security Act, certain statutory limitations were waived in order to give states who have received approval from the Department of Health and Human Services the opportunity for innovation in providing Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to eligible persons who would otherwise require institutionalization in a nursing facility, hospital, or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR).

Enhanced Care Services (previously Sleep Cycle Support):  Designed to provide a limited time supervision and/or non-nursing physical assistance during participants normal sleeping hours in his/her place of residence.  The direct support worker must be immediately available, but can sleep when not needed.  Must be provided in the participants home or HCBS setting as approved and authorized by the MCO in ISP.  ECS may not be utilized when IDD Residential supports are authorized.  ECS can be provided as a self-directed or agency directed service.  Refer to State of Kansas ECS policy for other guidance.

Financial Management Services:  FMS is a new waiver service for the administrative and information and assistance functions for self-directing individuals.  It replaces the payroll agent process.  FMS is only available for services that are self-directed.

Managed Care Organization (MCO): An insurance agency contracted with the State of Kansas to manage the state Medicaid Program referred to as KanCare. MCO’s authorize the type and amount of services for their participants.  Currently there is a choice of are three MCO’s.

Supportive Home Care (agency directed PCS):  Are designed to provide assistance to disabled participants in their home and community settings that comply with the HCBS Settings Final Rule.  PCS focuses on assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).  Participants authorized for PCS services have the option to agency-direct or self-direct their services.  The person self-directing their care assumes responsibility for hiring, training, scheduling and dismissing the employees they hire to provide their care.  An approved Financial Management Service Provider must be utilized to self-direct.

Residential Living Services:  This service is provided in the individual’s residential setting (outside the individual’s family home) providing assistance, acquisition, retention, and/or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living.

Respite Services (Overnight):  Temporary care provided to recipients designed to provide relief for the recipient’s family member who serves as the primary care giver.

Special Medical Care:  Provides long-term nursing support for medically fragile and technology dependent beneficiaries.  HCBS ID/DD Specialized Medical Care services are available to Medicaid beneficiaries who are 5 years of age or older, mentally retarded or otherwise developmentally disabled, meet the criteria for ICF/MR level or care, choose to receive HCBS ID/DD rather than ICF/MR services.

Supported Employment:  Is competitive work in an integrated setting with on-going support services for beneficiaries who have ID/DD.  Supported Employment is available to Medicaid  beneficiaries who are 18 years of age or older, are determined eligible for ID/DD services, meet the criteria for ICF/MF level of care as determined by ICF/MR (HCBS/ID/DD) screening, and choose to receive HCBS/ID/DD rather than ICF/MR services.

Vocational and Rehabilitation Services:  Assistance in looking for and obtaining a job available through Winfield DCF.  Not a waiver service.

Wellness Monitoring:  A process whereby a registered nurse evaluates the level of wellness of a recipient to determine if the recipient is properly using medical health services as recommended by a physician and if the health of the recipient is sufficient to maintain him or her in their place of residence without more frequent skilled nursing intervention.

Rules and Regulations

The CDDO and CSP’s have rules and regulations that they must abide by, in order to perform their duties.  Article 63 governs the licensed providers and Article 64 governs the CDDO.  Click on the links below to read the documents in full.

Article 63(Licensing Providers of Community Service)
Article 64(Governing Community Develpmental Disabilities Organizations)

Who is Eligible? 

There are specific criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for services.  For more information, please contact our office.