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Eviction Notices
  • Either you can serve one yourself to the tenant or you can have us, the Sheriff’s Office, serve it for you. If we serve the notice please do not have any date as to when you want them to vacate the premises by. Example-“Said tenant needs to be out by May 5th” instead put a number of days from the date the notice is served.  Example- “ Said tenant needs to vacate the premises 3 days after the notice is served.” The number of days you give the tenant is up to you.
  • We do not provide the Forms. You may print one off the internet or just write it out on a piece of paper.
  • They cost $15.00 to have served.
  • Please provide a self-addressed envelope when you bring the notice in for service and the correct number of copies. For example, if you have two tenants living at the property, we need 3 copies of the notice. One for an original that we will send back in the mail with a return of service on and one for each tenant.
  • If the outcome is that the tenant does not vacate the premises, you will need to go to district court and file a Writ of Execution or get an attorney.

Civil Process
  • The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office charges $15.00 for a civil process fee.
  • Please provide CLEARLY marked and stapled packets as to what you want served to the Defendant and what you would like to be used as an original with a return of service.
Offender Registration
  • Walk in offender registration hours:
    • 9am-3pm, Monday- Friday, excluding holidays
  • Any changes, such as an address change, need to be made within 3 business days
  • You must come in and sign all paperwork for address, vehicle and employment changes. Also, if you are leaving Cowley County you must de-register and sign all paperwork.

Concealed Carry Handgun Applications
  • Applications will be processed from:
    • 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
  • If you are doing just a renewal of your application, you need to go to the KS Driver’s License Department, 320 E 9th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156.
  • Please make sure you have the correct and most current application.

Finger Printing
  • Finger printing is conducted in the jail public entrance.
  • To be finger printed it is $10.00 cash. We do not except any other forms of payment and do not have change.  
  • It can be done 24/7.
Physical and Mailing Address
  • Physical Address

Cowley County Sheriff’s Office
911 Fuller St
Winfield, KS 67156

  • Mailing Address

Cowley County Sheriff’s Office
Winfield, KS 67156

Sheriff Sales
  • Sheriff Sales are conducted on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10am in the main court house lobby area.
  • They are published in the Courier Traveler 2-3 weeks before the actual sale date.
  • We, the Sheriff’s Office, are just present at the sale as a middle man. Please refer back to the attorney handling the sale if you have any questions.

Record Requests
  • Please send a written request in the mail with a return envelope for records. It is $5.00 for just the report and $15.00 for the report and pictures (if available). You will only receive back what is open public record.  Requests are mailed back to the requesting agency; we do not fax or email reports.
  • If you are requesting the records of something you yourself were involved in, they are free to you. You may pick up a copy at the office or have a copy mailed to you. Again, we do not fax or email reports and you will only receive what is open public record.
Background Checks
  • We do not conduct background checks for individuals. If you need a background check ran on yourself, please visit and conduct a background check that way.
  • For all others- You may fax or mail in a background check. Once it is complete, they will be sent back in the mail to the requesting agency. We do not fax or email background checks.

Phone List
  • Cowley County Sheriff’s Office

Phone: 620-221-5444
Fax: 620-221-5448

  • Cowley County Jail

Phone: 620-221-5446
Fax: 620-221-5465

  • Cowley County Dispatch

Phone: 620-221-5447

  • Winfield Police Department

Phone: 620-221-5556
Fax: 620-221-5594

  • Winfield Municipal Court

Phone: 620-221-5500

  • Winfield District Court

Phone: 620-221-5470

  • Winfield County Attorney

Phone: 620-221-5485

  • Arkansas City Police Department

Phone: 620-441-6601
Fax: 620-441-1410

  • Arkansas City Municipal Court

Phone: 620-441-4408

  • Arkansas City District Court

Phone: 620-441-4520

  • Arkansas City County Attorney

Phone: 620-441-4540

  • Cowley County Treasurer’s Office

Phone: 620-221-5410

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