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Community Corrections FAQ

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How do I make a payment on my court costs or supervision fees?

Payments are accepted by money order only at Community Corrections. You may pay by cash, check or money order directly to the District Court Clerk in either Winfield or Arkansas City.  No online, debit or credit card payments are allowed at this time.

I missed my appointment with my ISO, what should I do?

You should always try to make contact with your ISO before your scheduled appointment time.  Contact efforts made after the scheduled appointment time may lead to a violation.  If you are unable to contact your ISO before your scheduled appointment time, please make contact as soon as possible.  You can always leave a voice mail message or come into the office and complete a report form even if your ISO is not available.

My ISO did not answer their phone, what should I do?

Leave a message with your name, phone number and BRIEF message about what you need.  Do not continually call your ISO, they will return your call as soon as they are able to.  Calling in is not considered reporting as directed.

I forgot the drug testing phone line number, what is it or how do I know if I am to submit to a drug test?

Please call 1-866-280-3266, or if you have internet access you can go to to enter your information to determine if you are required to test.

What hours are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.