Speed Reduction Program Info


The Cowley County Attorney’s Office has a Speed Reduction program that you may qualify for if your ticket meets the following conditions:

The speed limit must be in a 55 mph or greater speed limit zone (55 / 60 / 65 / 70)
                                55 mph zone (no more than 70 mph) – we will reduce to a non-moving level of 64 mph.

60 mph zone (no more than 75 mph) – we will reduce to a non-moving level of 69 mph.

65 mph zone (no more than 80 mph) – we will reduce to a non-moving level of 74 mph.

70 mph zone (no more than 85 mph) – we will reduce to a non-moving level of 79 mph.

You cannot have been going more than 15 mph over that speed limit.  (16 mph or more does not qualify and the ticket will not be reduced without attorney pre-approval).
The ticket must be a District Court ticket.  (We cannot reduce municipal court tickets.)
The ticket must be a Cowley County ticket.  (We cannot reduce tickets from other counties.)
How the Speed Reduction works:

If you make a $25.00 donation to one of our charities (tax deductible), we reduce the ticket to 9 mph over the speed limit so that it will be on your driving record as a non-moving violation and will not affect your insurance rates. 

You will still have to pay the full amount listed on your ticket, and the $25.00 donation has to be a separate check or money order made out to the charity.  The County Attorney’s Office will mail the donation to the charity.

  If you mail the ticket in, you will mail both checks ($25.00 donation made out to charity & amount listed on your ticket made out to the District Court) and also the ticket to the address listed on your ticket.

 If you bring it in to pay it, you will stop at the County Attorney’s office first to pay the donation and so that we may amend the ticket before you pay it at the Court Clerk’s office.

 If you wish to do the Speed Reduction, DO NOT pay the ticket online.

Charities Include:

Big Brothers/Big Sisters                                                 The Cowley County Humane Society

Cowley County Drug Court                                          Cowley County Drug Task Force

Cowley County Trackers                                                               Crime Stoppers

Fire Stoppers                                                                    

General Information
County Attorney
Larry Schwartz
Deputy County Attorney
Christian Fazel
Deputy County Attorney
Ian T. Otte
Phone Numbers
620-221-5485 620-441-4540
Emergencies: Dial 911
311 E. 9th

Office Hours: Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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