Barn Quilt Trail

Barn Quilt Trail


Brightly colored barn quilts are starting to appear across the scenic countryside of Cowley and neighboring counties. Cowley County is one of twenty-two counties participating in the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail; a trail formed to celebrate agricultural heritage, promote rural pride and attract visitors to the area.

The “Barn Quilt Movement” started in Ohio when a daughter wanted to honor her mother and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn in Adams County, Ohio. This simple idea has spread to over 48 states and to Canada with over 7000 quilts participating in the organized American Quilt Trail, which includes the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail and Cowley County.

Over 100 Barn Quilts now grace Cowley County! Here are the links for printable and Google Map for your convenience:

Visit the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail website to view the barn quilts from all 22 neighboring counties. For more information on the barn quilt trail and how to participate, please send email to

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The Cowley County Tourism Alliance often hosts barn quilt classes throughout the county. For information on upcoming classes or the Cowley County Barn Quilt Trail, contact barn quilt representatives at the Arkansas City Chamber or Winfield Chamber at (620) 221-2420 or 442-0230 or Cowley First at 221-9951 or 442-3094 or email for information.

How to Make a Barn Quilt

We are often asked about how to make a barn quilt. Visit the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail website. Both a video presentation and a step by step guide is on their site or contact a barn quilt representative at one of the phone numbers listed above for assistance.

Check out the latest barn quilts in Cowley County.

– Safety & Respecting Private Property
Please be respectful, responsible, and careful while viewing and enjoying  the Quilt Trail. Please use caution when slowing near a site. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. Most quilt blocks are located on private property and should be viewed from the public road unless otherwise indicated at the site, or on this website. If it is a business, or a park it is generally open to the public.

100+ Locations in Cowley County and Growing!

“Cross and Tulips”
New Hope Fellowship Church
19195 61st. Rd. Winfield, KS  67156
Artist:  The Sisters’ Bible Study Group
GPS Coordinates: 37.212932200, -97.041535900
“Wildcat Sunflower”
Douglas and Amy Lawson
9233 264th RD, Arkansas City, KS 67005
Artist: Amy Lawson
GPS Coordinates: 37.096147, -97.000181
“The Sunflower”
Troy and Morea Simmons
8943 111th Road, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Donna Martin
GPS Coordinates:
“Harvest Star”
415 Main St., Atlanta, KS 67008
Artist: Elaine Webb
GPS Coordinates: 37.435235, -96.769529
“Ohio Star Variation”
Atlanta Welcome Sign South
602 S Main, Atlanta, KS 67008
GPS Coordinates: 37.432581, -96.769085
“Log Cabin”
Cambridge Cabin
8610 281st Rd, Cambridge, KS 67023
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
GPS Coordinates: 37.36583, -96.658975
“Stars and Stripes”
Bob Hobart
415 W Third, Burden, KS 67019
Artist: Bob Hobart, Sheila Reams, Brenda Thompson
GPS Coordinates: 37.313455, -96.758183
“Ohio Star Variation”
Atlanta Welcome Sign North
101 N Main, Atlanta, KS 67008
GPS Coordinates: 37.439220, -96.769608
Ernie and Marie Tackett
21158 Curtis Ave., Winfield, KS 67156 (view from 85th Rd/Cowley 27)
Artist: Marie Tackett
GPS Coordinates: 37.184416, -96.995845
“Members Choice”
K&O Steam & Gas Association
7441 162nd Rd, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: K&O Steam Gas Association Members
GPS Coordinates: 37.245425, -97.033725
“Star Within a Star”
Elaine Weathers
14450 US Hwy 77, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Elaine Weathers
GPS Coordinates: 37.282056, -97.006500
“Gathering Wheat”
First Baptist Church
200 East 11th, Winfield, KS 67156
First Baptist Church Members
GPS Coordinates: 37.238312, -96.995494
“Nickels Pinwheels”
John and Karen Nickel
1910 W 14th, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: John and Karen Nickel
GPS Coordinates: 37.234196, -97.017174
“West Ward/Bryant”
Cowley County Historical Society Museum
1011 Mansfield, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Walt Nichols
GPS Coordinates: 37.238793, -97.001075
Strother Field Airport
22193 Tupper St, Strother Field Industrial Park, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist & Sponsor: Cowley First
GPS Coordinates: 37.169642, -97.032493
History of Strother Field
“Friendship Star”
Rocking F Ranch/Dorothy Fisher
31336 US Hwy 160, Cambridge, KS 67023
Artist: The Fishers
GPS Coordinates: 37.323341, -96.595564
The barn quilt is located at the entrance of the Rocking F Ranch where the Fisher Family operates the Rocking F Cattle Company raising angus beef.
“Firefighter Dream”
Burden Fire Department
500 Chestnut, Burden, KS 67019
Artist & Sponsor: Cowley First
GPS Coordinates: 37.316640, -96.754706
“Four X, Patriotic Flag, & Pieced Star”
Richard and Sheryl Clower
1303 E. 7th Ave.
Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Sheryl Clower
GPS Coordinates: 37.242642, -96.981561
Richard and Sheryl Clower
1303 E. 7th Ave.
Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Sheryl Clower
GPS Coordinates: 37.242642, -96.981561
Richard and Sheryl Clower
1303 E. 7th Ave.
Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Sheryl Clower
GPS Coordinates: 37.242642, -96.981561
“Dexter Community Quilt”
City of Dexter, 208 N. Main, Dexter, KS, 67038
Artist: Dexter High School Students
GPS Coordinates: 37.180388, -96.716055
“Dexter Community Quilt” 
City of Dexter, 208 N. Main, Dexter, KS, 67038
Artist: Dexter High School Students
GPS Coordinates: 37.180388, -96.716055
“Indian Star”
Two Rivers Co-op, 300 S D St. Arkansas City, KS 67005
Artist: Udall FFA Members
GPS Coordinates: 37.059152, -97.033990
“KU Star”
Delbert Kemp, 25443 206th Rd. Dexter, KS 67038
Artists: Deb Firebaugh and Kerri Falletti
GPS Coordinates: 37.181983, -96.706920
“Tennessee Compass”
Richard and Kerri Koeppen, 102 Linden (View from Main St), Dexter, KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
GPS Coordinates: 37.175956, -96.719699
“Carpenter Wheel”
Dexter Housing, Inc., 215 S. Main, Dexter, KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
GPS Coordinates: 37.177571, -96.718449
“Early Riser”
Southern Kansas Telephone, 201 W. Main, Cambridge KS 67023
Artist: SKT Employees
GPS Coordinates: 37.317154, -96.666405

“Fire Star”
Cambridge Fire Dept., 120 Chestnut, Cambridge KS 67023 (See from Hwy 160)
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Cambridge Fire Dept., Rural District #8, is a volunteer fire department that has served the Cambridge and surrounding communities for over 50 years. This location is the official 100th registered barn quilt location in Cowley County.
GPS Coordinates: 37.318175, -96.663505

“Marine Star”
Kenneth and Beej Taylor, 23499 US Hwy 160, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Kenneth and Beej Taylor and granddaughter CJ
The Marine Star was chose as a nod to Kenneth’s service in the military and is hung on their horse barn.
GPS Coordinates: 37.316121, -96.743286

Lighthouse Library, 107 S. Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Dexter High School students
GPS Coordinates: 37.179092, -96.717385

“Threads of Sunshine”
Meredith Kowalsky-Prestige Monogram, 18432 111th Rd, Winfield KS 67156
GPS Coordinates: 37.224149, -96.951349

“Broken Fan”
Helsel Motor Inn, 120 N Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
The Motor Inn was originally constructed in the early 1900’s as a livery stable. It was later a Ford Garage/Dealership. For over the past 50 years it has been the local garage known as the Motor Inn Garage. GPS Coordinates: 37.1 799 16, – 96.7 164 45

“Farmer’s Daughter”
Henry’s Candy Company, 21172 K-15 Hwy, Dexter KS 67038
Operating in Dexter since 1956, fourth generation candy makers craft specialty candies such as Fancy Cut Rock candy; a hard candy with a design in the center. The same recipes and equipment are still being used by the family. Every Sunday afternoon the public can watch candy being made. Open 363 days a year, it is a real treat to shop for your favorite sugary treats. 
GPS Coordinates: 37.1 844 29, – 96.7 112 20

“K U Denali”
Marla Martin, 102 N Cherry Dexter KS 67038
My family has always been fans of K U. I recently bought a piece of land next to my home which has a barn on it. When I found that I had a chance to have a barn quilt made, I decided to have one made with the colors of K U. My grandson, Zach, who goes to school here in Dexter had the chance to help paint it too.  GPS Coordinates 37.177886, -96.714946

“Americana/Patriotic Star”
Melvin Ruggles, 20868 131st Road, Winfield KS 67156
Artists: Melvin Ruggles, Sharon King, Sonja Todd, Steven and Veva Ruggles, Randy Ruggles, Sarah Bair, and Jo Lynne Brothers
This barn quilt was done in memory of Pearl Ruggles. Pearl had wanted to paint one herself, but brain cancer took her too quickly for that to happen. Her husband, sister, children, nephew and a friend got together and painted this one for her. The gray ribbon signifies Brain Cancer Awareness. GPS Coordinates: 37.1 880 28, – 96.9 151 85

“Rising Star”
Arlan and Wilma Anglemeyer, 15060 U S Hwy 160, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
A tornado destroyed their original home April 26, 1991. They soon rebuilt their present  home at the same location.  GPS Coordinates: 37.2 447 28, – 96.8 974 24

“K C Royal Crown”
Jeremy and Belinda Willmoth, 4306 Quail Ridge Drive, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Kerri Falletti

Ron and Teresa Cannon, 11048 231st Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Brothers, Falletti, Firebaugh, Webb
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 352 51, – 96.7 692 12

“Blazing Star”
Ron and Teresa Cannon, 11048 231st Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Teresa Cannon

Cornerstone Church, 422 Main St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Cornerstone Church
Originally the Atlanta Christian Church, the church was organized in 1899. The present church building was built at the current location in 1958. In recent years the church was renamed Cornerstone Christian Church. An annex was built onto the church allowing more church and community events and programs. The annex hosts after school and summer programs for local youth who enjoy the indoor basketball court. GPS Coordinates: 37.4 352 51, – 96.7 692 12

Iron Horse Vintage – Antiques – Linens @ Misc, 317 Main, Atlanta KS 67008
A unique shop filled with vintage objects, antiques, linens, kitchen wares and a variety  of handmade items. Open by appointment, by chance or most Sundays in warmer weather.  Call 620-394-2378 or 620-229-0042.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 3611 5, – 96.7 6947 5
Iron Horse Vintage – Antiques – Linens @ Misc, 317 Main, Atlanta KS 67008
“Stepping Stones”
Byron and Karen Carr, 507 Main, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
This block is located along Main Street on a recently constructed metal shop.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 345 76, – 96.7 693 09
Dwain and Peggy Stout, 217 Main, Atlanta KS 67008
Over 130 years old, the house is one of the first homes built in Atlanta. View the quilt from
3rd Street.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 368 94, – 96.7 697 70
“Wilson Star”
Wilson Family, 604 Omnia St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Desiree Bryan
This Wilson Family building was originally a blacksmith shop, and has had many purposes.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 356 99, – 96.7 687 51

“Star Within A Star Variation”
Nettrouer Ranch, 28231 162nd Rd, Cambridge KS 67023
Artists: Depenbusch Family
This barn quilt is located on the fourth generation Nettrouer Ranch.
37.24 4074, – 96.65 8213

“Sun Rays”
Omnia Township Hall, 308 3rd St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artists: Atlanta Sr. Center
This building was originally the Atlanta Methodist Church and now is used by the Atlanta Senior Center and township as a meeting place and community library. The original Methodist Church was constructed in 1900 and burnt down in 1932. It was rebuilt half a block away from the original site. GPS Coordinates: 27.4 368 73, – 96.7 704 51

“Double Star”
Omnia Township Hall, 308 3rd St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artists: Jo Lynne Brothers
GPS Coordinates: 27.4 368 73, – 96.7 704 51

“Patriotic Flag”
Kent and Lyn Killingsworth, 106 W Hawkins, Dexter KS 67038
The Killingsworth family has resided in Dexter since 1967. Lyn chose the flag pattern and she loved the patriotic theme.GPS Coordinates: 37.1 832 65, – 96.7 143 05

“Donna’s Fancy”
Stone Barn Farm, 20438 K-15 Hwy, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Donna Martin
Built in 1878 and referred to as the “Stone Barn”, the location is the perfect setting for quaint gatherings, parties and reunions or rent the barn and barnyard area for a beautiful outdoor wedding. The Vintage Camper Show and Market is held each fall; a unique shopping event with vendors selling unique vintage and hand crafted items and a large display of vintage campers.  Log cabins are also available to rent year-round; a great place for a family get-away, romantic evening for two or a base camp for your next hunting expedition. Full details are available at
GPS Coordinates: 37.1 925 41, – 96.7 115 97 

“Double Tulip”
Ed & Marcene White, 5782 251st Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
The White property has been in the family for three generations. At one tie it was known as the Deacon Pear Orchard. GPS Coordinates: 37.4 058 65, – 96.6 954 02

Jim and Jessie Bradley, 110 W Hawkins, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Donna Martin
The Bradley’s have lived in their Dexter home since 1972, where they have raised their family. GPS Coordinates: 37.1 8347 4, – 96.7 14721

Cardinal Sign, 2111 E 9th, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Cardinal Sign is a locally owned custom sign shop. GPS Coordinates: 37.2 432 06, – 96.9 702 48

“Pieced Tulips”
Jerry and Carolyn Wilson, 422 Olive St, Atlanta KS 67008
 View from 4th Street, this quilt is located on the garage.
The Wilsons are active in the community with Carolyn serving as Mayor.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 348 19, – 96.7 674 63

“Wisconsin Star”
Atlanta Fire Department, 302 Main St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Atlanta’s rural fire department, Cowley County #2, was organized in 1964, and like most rural fire departments in the area is operated by volunteers. The building previously had many uses, possibly the first business was a car dealership selling Model T’s.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 366 98, – 96.7 692 53

“American Star”
Atlanta City Hall, 320 Omnia St, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
The present City Hall was built in 1912 after the previous city hall was destroyed in a fire that struck Main Street. In the back of the city hall was the jail. The City Hall is located in Couch Memorial Park.
GPS Coordinates: 37.4 358 62, – 96.7 683 76

Chalmer and Betty Haworth, 222 Omnia, Atlanta KS 67008
The block is located on the garage of Atlanta’s oldest residents. Chalmer and Betty are 100 and 92 respectively. Betty painted the barn quilt and chose her favorite color – purple – the same color as her porch.  GPS Coordinates: 37.4 361 11, – 96.7 706 90

“Bride’s Puzzle”
Two Rivers Coop, 112 S East St, Udall KS 67146
Artists: Malorie & Miranda Depenbusch and Jacey Schmidt
The barn quilt can be seen from Clark Street. The current Two Rivers Coop structures were rebuilt after the devastating tornado of 1954 that demolished the town of Udall.
37.0 995 47, – 96.7 14730

“Railroad Crossing Quilt”
Roger and Linda Bartel, 5317 281st Rd, Cambridge KS 67023
Artists: Central High School Art Dept,
Roger and Linda moved to Linda’s parents’ home in 1974, where they raised their family. On April 26, 1991 a deadly and destructive tornado struck the area and demolished their farm house and all outbuildings. The following year they rebuilt their home on the same property where they continue to reside and raise livestock. GPS Coordinates: 37.4 109 23, -96.6 404 04

“Hunters Star”
Yarbrough Farm, 388426 3rd Dr, Atlanta KS 67008
Artists: Carissa Yarbrough-Honkomp and Beverly Yarbrough
This barn, believed to be built around 1900, with a large hay loft, is still used today as a place where an orphan calf can be kept or a place for cows to seek shelter. Large beams and wide plank flooring cover the inside of the main structure.  The walls were made to store items and the foundation was made with rocks from the local creek. The Lee family owned the farm at the turn of the century after coming here from Lamar Missouri by covered wagon. In 1905 the brother of Mrs. Lee, Sidney Shelton of Greensburg KS,  gave her 500 dollars to build the house which still stands on the property.  Mr. Charley Whiteman built the house and his 11 year old daughter, Pearl, who helped her Dad “pound a thousand nails into the house” would later marry the Lee’s son, William.  While William served in the war in Best, France his daughter Jean Lee was born in 1913.  As the Lee’s continued to earn a living throughout the depression Jean married a local boy by the name of Warren Yarbrough.  Jean and Warren made their home at the farm shortly after marriage and the Yarbrough Farm became a home of hard work, cherished memories, laughter and most of all, love for many generations

“Crown of Thorns”
Carl & Arlene Seeliger, 13618 161st Road, Burden KS 67019
The block is best seen when approaching the farm from the north, traveling south on 161st Road. Arlene had been asking for a barn quilt for some time. Carl presented the block, and had it mounted for her recent birthday.
“Mount Rushmore”
Jason and Kelly Kazban, 1410 N 3rd, Arkansas City KS 67005
Both retirees of the Air Force, Jason and Kelly relocated to Kansas and work for the county in emergency management and 911 dispatch. The barn quilt is displayed at their family home.
GPS Coordinates: 37.07 8515, – 97.04 3524
“4M Star”
Heritage Center – Massey Ministries, Margaret Massey
26798 212th Rd, Dexter KS 67038
The barn quilt is hung at the Heritage Center-Massey Ministries, also locally known as the Mark Massey Memorial Boys Ranch. What was originally the “Boys Ranch”, was founded in 1973 after the death of Bob and Margaret’s son, Mark, who was killed in an accident. The Massey’s organized the ranch to take in and raise boys needing a home. The property now houses the Heritage Center which offers lodging and a great room for family reunions, visiting hunters and local gatherings.
GPS Coordinates: 37.172 599, – 96.684 392
“Harvest Star”
Corey and Rachel Lampson, 27150 241st Rd, Dexter KS 67038
GPS Coordinates: 37.099 547, – 96.714 730 616
“Primitive Star”
Dean and Lorraine Bailey, 17046 161st Rd, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Donna Martin
The barn quilt, hanging on the Bailey Morton building, can be seen from the intersection of US Hwy 160 and 161st Rd.
GPS Coordinates: 37.440 625, – 97.006 616
“Hole In The Barn Door”
Bill Larkin Farm, 15242 51st Rd, Winfield KS 67156
The Larkin barn was built in 1900 and has been in the family for 50 years. Bill & Marlene have raised their three children on this farm and have enjoyed farm life.
“Flag Quilt”
Artist: Linda Groth
Conrod Farms, 15798 85th Rd, Winfield KS 67156
This farm has been in the family since 1906, where this horse barn was built in the early 1960’s
“Sarah’s Choice Star”
Mary and Phil Jarvis, 2002 Mound St, Winfield KS 67156
The quilt block is located on a potting shed, next to the garage on the north side of the property, which is in a modern residential neighborhood.

Devere & Jo Lynne Brothers 18205 112th Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artists: USD 462 Central Burden Art Department
This barn, originally built as a horse/livestock barn with hay mow, has been in the Brothers family for 29 years.

“Ohio Star Variation”
Colin Workman, 12374 82nd Rd, Winfield KS 67156
Artists: USD 462 Central Schools of Burden Art Dept.
The Workman barn, built in 1878 for livestock and hay storage, has been in the family since 1949.

“Star Flower”
City of Burden
Artist: Cowley County Tourism
The Burden City Park, officially named Forest Park, was established in 1886. The first three-day Eastern Cowley County Fair was held in 1894 and continued to be a tradition for almost 100 years. Infamous for the horse racing events that were held at the park for almost as long as the annual fair, the park was also the site of PRCA rodeos for decades. The PRCA rodeo and Burden Dayz Celebration is now held at the park on the 2nd Saturday of September. GPS coordinates: 37.315741, -96.759747
“Farmer’s Daughter”
Dick & Allene Vaughters, 12560 141st Rd, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Elizabeth Vaughan
Hung: Nov. 20, 2014
This barn is located on the south edge of the unincorporated town of New Salem. Allene’s parents, Roy and Grace Lambert, spent all their married life on this farm, from 1932 until their passing. The Lambert’s purchased the property in 1950. Allene and Dick farmed the ground until recently retiring. When Allene was 16, she and her mother, as well as her now husband, Dick, took cover in this barn when a tornado struck the New Salem area in 1953. They were fortunate their barn only suffered minimal repairable damage, while neighbors had devastating destruction.
“Corn & Beans, Farmer’s Daughter & Grape Basket”
Field to Fabric Quilt Company, 907 Main, Winfield KS 67156
Carolyn Seeliger & Sally Ray
Hung November 2014
This main street building, built in the early 1920’s, recently became home to The Field to Fabric Quilt Company business, owned by two farmer’s daughters. Their families have lived in the Winfield area for many years and both families raise cotton, corn, soybeans and other crops. The new business owners felt quilt blocks on the store front seemed the perfect way to highlight the business.

“4-H Blocks and Stars”
Udall South Entrance, intersection of S Main and S Clark/Cowley 3
Artist: Udall 4-H Club
Hung: December 2014
Located at the south entrance of Udall, the barn quilts welcomes visitors to the city of Udall. The Udall 4-H Club’s 25 members wanted to give back to its community by painting a barn quilt for the pocket garden. Udall 4-H Club has served its community for more then 68 years. GPS Location: 37.382843, -97.115037

“Moving On”
Roxy Callison, 1628 E 8th, Winfield KS 67156
This home, made of area limestone, was designed by Bob Kitch and Don Potter, The carport/garage and porch have been added by Kenny Day Construction. Roxy painted the quilt block on the chimney, viewed best from the parking lot at 8th and College. One must drive up close to see the “stitching” on the quilt. “Moving On” was inspired by the Flint Hills landscape and its effect upon Roxy’s struggle to work through grief after the death of her husband.

Cathy McNutt, 17853 US 160, Winfield KS 67156
This hay barn was built in 1962, where the original big red barn burned, which was used for horses and hay. The farm has been in the family for 4 generations: 1st: David Sellers; 2nd: Howard & Sellers; 3rd: Eugene Sellers and 4th: Steven and Sherri McNutt (grandson of Eugene).

“Sister’s Choice w/brand”
Kay and Darwin Newton, 101 Maple, Cambridge KS 67023
The Newton farm has been in the family over 100 years, purchased from grandparents in 1973. This barn, built in 1995, is used for a horse barn. The brand is “Looking Back To See,” which has to do with the genealogy of the family.

“Chain Variation”
Central High School, 700 N Main St, Burden KS 67019
Artists: FCCLA
This barn quilt hangs on the Central High School wood shop and agriculture building. Central School district is a consolidated district serving the communities of Atlanta, Burden, Cambridge and Grenola. The quilt was painted by students in the organization “Future Consumer and Community Leaders of America” using school colors.
“Tennessee Compass”
Udall Community Building, 102 E 1st, Udall KS 67146
Artists: Udall Cooperettes
Hung: 2015
The Community Building was originally built in 1950-1952 at the cost of $8,208.20. The only money borrowed was $500 from the Udall Bank on a no-interest note. The building was dedicated March 2, 1952, but was leveled by a devastating tornado May 25, 1955. The tornado took the lives of 76 people and flattened the town, also destroying the churches, city hall, school buildings and businesses. Only one house was left untouched.
Two days later, temporary walls and a new roof was up and the 50 x 80 foot building was used as temporary headquarters for workers in the disaster area, and housed the telephone exchange, post office, insurance claims, clothing and other relief aid. After clean up was completed the materials for the temporary shelter were donated to the town to construct a new community building which reopened in 1957. The community center underwent a huge renovation project relying once again on donated labor and was rededicated in May 2014.
GPS Coordinates: 37.38 7501, – 97.11 7033

“Star In A Star”
Southern Kansas Telephone Company, Inc (SKT), 311 N Main, Burden KS 67019
Artists: SKT Employees
Hung: 2015
The building, built in the mid-1950’s as a skating rink, has been used for the offices and warehouse for SKT since 1965. SKT is a family owned business that is proud to be a part of the communities they serve.

“Ohio Star”
Kent & Pam Crain, 26129 101st Rd, Arkansas City KS 67005
Artists: Cowley County Tourism Alliance
The Crain Farm has been in the family for 99 years. This building, built in 1971, is used for farm equipment storage and a shop. This barn was built primarily with repurposed materials from a Buick car dealership in Arkansas City.

“Farmer’s Friend”
S. 40 Farm, B. Arlene Otto, 13646 U S Hwy 160, Burden KS 67019
The metal shop building was built in 1979 and has been in the Otto Family since 1990.

“Lucky Star, From Here To There, & Airplane”
“Old” Cambridge State Bank, 116 W Main, Cambridge KS 67023
The building once housed the Cambridge State Bank which incorporated in 1907 and has since closed. Like many banks of the time it was robbed numerous times. Local tale is that notorious gangsters Al Spencer and Pretty Boy Floyd robbed the bank in 1922 or 1923. Also see the local ranch brands burned into the wood walkway along the front of the building. The artist chose the Airplane pattern to honor the memory of her older brother. She recalls her mother and grandmother teaching her to quilt when she was ten. Her older brother also wanted to learn and chose the Airplane pattern for his.
“Flag Heart”
Robert & Sarah Long, 5496 252nd St, Arkansas City KS 67005
This farm has been in the Long Family for 40 years. The building displaying the barn quilt was built in 2014 as a storage building. The area where the house and building set was struck by a “down burst”/tornado in the early 1990’s, destroying the old buildings. All the buildings on the property have been erected since 2000.
“Split Ohio Star”
Silver Creek Rodeo Co., Matt Williams and Family 1519 6 US Hwy 166, Arkansas City KS 67006
Hung 2015
This barn quilt was won at a silent auction supporting their daughter’s music program and painted the school’s colors. It is displayed at the family’s prorodeo stock contracting business, Silver Creek Rodeo Company. GPS Coordinates: 37.077/96.892370
“America Star”
Fleming Feed & Grain, 20325 112th Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Central High School Art Dept.
Hung: 2015
GPS Coordinates: 37.316248, – 96.801325
“Jobs Trouble Variation”
Forgotten Item Market, Scotty & Sherrie Conklin, 411 N Main, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh, Cowley First
Hung 2015
Forgotten Item Market opened in 2013 in a building previously occupied by the town’s barber and the local bar joint. Forgotten Item is a family operated business that offers groceries, produce, milk and dairy, cleaning items, frozen foods and almost any item that you may need in a hurry. The store is a service to the citizens of Burden and surrounding areas as the next closest full service grocery store is over 30 minutes away! Forgotten Item was awarded the “2015 Leader of the Year” award by Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development. GPS Coordinates: 37.315493 – 96.753518
“Dresden Plate”
Grouse Valley Grill, 501 N. Highway K15, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Deb Firebaugh & Kerri Falletti, Cowley First
Hung: 2015
Operated since 2010 by Randy Waldeck and Wanda Jackson, Grouse Valley Grill is a small community diner that serves the community of Dexter, eastern Cowley County and surrounding areas. Famous for hand-pattied hamburgers, pizza and made from scratch breakfast items, it is well worth the drive to Dexter for a bite to eat. Open Mon-Sat 7-7.
“Director’s Dream”
Steve & Catheryn Joyce, 210 N. Walnut, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Dexter High School students.
Hung: 2015
Students at the local high school created barn quilt patterns as a class assignment then students volunteered to paint several barn quilts for the community, including this one. Mr. Joyce is a teacher at the school.
“Whirling Star”
Atlanta Community Building, 419 S Main, Atlanta KS 67008
Artist: Central High School students
Hung: 2015
The Atlanta Community building was constructed in the late 1920’s as a theatre and could seat over 600 people. Silent movies were shown there through the 1930’s. The building is now a community center used for community events such as the Firemen’s Auxiliary Chicken Noodle Dinner and the annual Labor Day Festival.
George & Joannie Reimer, 203 N Walnut, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
Hung: 2015
This barn quilt, viewable from Valley Ave, was a design project in Mrs. Reimer’s graphic arts class. Having resided in Dexter for 16 years, Joannie Reimer is the computer/business teacher and George is the JH/HS Special Education teacher.
GPS Coordinates: 37.18 1123, – 96.71 7939
“Nancy’s Fan”
Dave & Kerri Falletti, 11125 114th Dr, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Kerri Falletti
Hung: 2015
This barn quilt is viewable from the east side of 101st Rd. It is hung on a metal building that was constructed in 2010 for Kerri’s horses.
GPS Coordinates: 37.31 4327, – 96.97 0222
“Country Star Flag”
Cambridge Senior Center, 403 West Main, Cambridge KS 67023
Artists: Central High School Students
Hung: 2015
This building was constructed in Cambridge in 1927 as District 15 Elementary School. Remnants of the high school, built in 1917, can be seen across the street. In 1963 the Cambridge school district consolidated with neighboring communities and the Central School District.
GPS Coordinates: 37.319415, -96.667589
Dexter Community Rural Health Clinic, 204 N Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
Hung: 2015
Viewable from Valley Avenue, the Dexter Community Rural Health Clinic serves the healthcare needs of Dexter residents and the surrounding area.
GPS coordinates: 37.18 0112, -96.71 5981

“Udall FFA”

Udall FFA Chapter, S Main & S Clark, Udall KS 67146

Artists: Udall FFA Chapter

Hung: 2015

At the Udall South Exit, intersection of S Main and S Clark/Cowley 3 the Udall  FFA Chapter hung this block May 2015. The barn quilt shows appreciation to community members of their continued support of the FFA chapter. The Udall FFA chapter currently (May 2015) has 57 middle and high school members. This chapter reopened in the fall of 2012 and they wanted the opportunity to thank the community for their help and support of making their chapter successful. GPS Location: 37.382843, -97.115037

“Bethlehem Star” & “Nancy’s Fan”

Dexter High School, 311 N Main, Dexter, KS 67038

Artists: Dexter High School Students

Hung: 2015

The barn quilts are displayed on the USD 471 Dexter High School gymnasium, constructed in 1915. Since the construction of the new high school gym, this gym is now used as a practice gym and used for elementary PE.

As a class project, high school students created barn quilt designs using the school colors of red and black and also the sports colors of gold and black. While the school has not consolidated, the sports program has consolidated with the Cedar Vale school district. The Cardinals is the school mascot and the Spartans is the sports mascot. Dexter is a small rural school with typically fewer then 50 students enrolled in high school. GPS Coordinates: 37.182 005, – 96.714 921

“Crown of Thorns”
Joan Pritchard, 4774 31st Rd, Udall, KS 67416
Barn History

“Majestic Mountains”
Fleming Feed and Grain, 9068 72nd Road, Winfield KS 67156
Artists: Central High School Art Dept.
Hung in 2015 high on a grain bin, this barn quilt is very viewable from U. S. Hwy 77.
GPS Coordinates: 37.376 418, – 97.006 986


Dexter Swimming Pool, 110 W School Street, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students
Hung: 2015
The sunflowers barn quilts, viewable from the back side of the pool and out front, prove sunflowers
in Kansas are so much better than palm trees! GPS Coordinates: 37.1 833 15, – 96.7 156 29

“Sunflower & Bowties”
Unger Family Farm, 16232 136th Road, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Cyndee Unger and Community Volunteers
Hung: 2015
The Unger family farm originated with the Moffet family. Helen Moffet married Cyrus Curtis Unger in the 1930’s and the Ungers have resided at the farm since. Helen Unger passed shortly after giving birth to her third child. Cyrus later married “city girl” Lucille who became a farm wife and the mother of Cyrus’s three children. Lucille continued to live at the farm until she passed in 2003. The next generation of Ungers has lived there since. Once a large farming operation including milk cows, it is now a quiet country home. GPS Coordinates: 37.2 805 87, -96.8 757 26

Craig and Ronda Depenbusch, 1666 Hwy 55, Udall KS 67146
Artists: Depenbusch Family
Craig has farmed the ground where he currently raises his family since he was a kid. In 2001, Craig and his wife, Ronda, purchased the farm where they continue their farming operation.
GPS Coordinates: 37.3 907 58, -97.1 383 58

Aaron & Monica Wise, 104 N Mulberry Street, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Viewable from West Valley Road, Aaron and Monica Wise are teachers at the Dexter school district, active in the community and supporters of the barn quilt movement in their community.
GPS Coordinates: 37.3 162 48, – 96.8 013 25

“Star of Glory”
Karen Boatman, 24393 202 Road, Dexter KS 67038
Hung: 2015
GPS Coordinates: 37.179680, -96.727630

“Tennessee Compass”
Don and Patrice Williamson, 22549 62nd Rd., Burden KS 67019
Hung: 2015  GPS Coordinates: 37.38 8647, – 96.75 7148

“Carpenter’s Wheel”
City of Dexter, 118 N Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Deb Firebaugh & Steve Joyce
Hung: 2015
This block is located on Main Street between the Post Office and Motor Inn Garage.
GPS Coordinates: 37.17 9798, – 96.71 6517

“Crows Beak”
City of Dexter, Central Ave (across from City Park), Dexter KS 60738
Artist: Virginia Smith  Hung: 2015
This pattern was chosen by Dexter resident Marlene Helsel, who teaches quilting
at the Dexter High School. The building it is hung on is owned by the city and
used for storage.
GPS Coordinates: 37.17 9006, – 96.71 6548

“Balloons & Mni Barn Quilt Trail”
Dexter Helium Park, 109 N Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artists: Dexter High School Students/Deb Firebaugh & Steve Joyce
Hung: 2015 – 2017
To see the newly added Mini barn quilt trail done by Dexter High School students, click here to view at Flickr! The Dexter Helium Park commemorates this monumental discovery of helium in 1903. At the back of the park are the final remnants of the helium well.
The story of helium’s discovery in natural gas begins in May 1903. The town put on a daylong celebration of a local company’s discovery of a natural gas well, including the release of a stream of natural gas. The gas was supposed to explode and light up the sky when it came into contact with a hay bale set on fire above it. Instead, the natural gas extinguished the burning hay. Erasmus Haworth, a Kansas geology professor who was puzzled by the incident, sent a cylinder of the Dexter gas to the University of Kansas. On Dec. 7, 1905, Professor Hamilton Cady and Associate Professor David McFarland analyzed the sample and discovered that it was nearly 2 percent helium. The discovery of helium had a huge impact on the community for decades.
GPS Coordinates: 37.17 9721, – 96.71 6903

Kuntz Family, 408 S Main, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Hung: 2015
Both Brian and Trina are employed at the Dexter School District.
Brian’s Woodworking is also operated here at the Kuntz residence.
GPS Coordinates: 37.17 6443, – 96.71 9293

“Star Within A Star”
Yvonne and Brian Stone, 112 W Valley, Dexter KS 67038
Artist: Yvonne Stone Hung: 2015
Located on Valley this intersection of Dexter has become a magnet for barn quilts as there is one at all of the surrounding homes. Owners Yvonne and Brian are active participants in the community.
GPS Coordinates: 37.18 0771, – 96.71 7259

“Liberty Star”
Cowley County Road and Bridge, 208 N Main, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Deb Firebaugh & Kerri Falletti, Cowley First
Hung: 2015
This barn quilt is located at the Cowley County District 3 Road and Bridge Shop.
GPS Coordinates: 37.31 0017, – 96.75 3409

“Navajo Patch”
Walt & Cheri Nichols, 15 Lake Park Dr, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Walt and Cheri Nichols
Hung: 2015
This barn quilt design was created by Walt Nichols and may be viewed from Renfro Dr. on the south side of the property. Walt and Cheri are retired Winfield business owners.
GPS Coordinates: 37.247455, -96.956749

“Variations of Bear’s Paw, Greek Square, Cross & Crown and Nine Patch”
Judy & John Lawson, 12262 201st Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Neighbor Volunteers
Hung: 2015
The patterns were selected from a sampler quilt made by avid quilter Vada Lady; Judy Lawson’s mother. The quilts are hung on one of the barns on Lawson’s property. This particular barn has been owned by the family for over 30 years. GPS Coordinates: 37.312422, -96.788681

“Bloomin’ Starflower”
City of Winfield, Fairgrounds, 1105 W 9th Avenue, Winfield, KS 67156
Artist: Cowley County Tourism Alliance
Hung: 2015
This barn is part of the Winfield fairgrounds, and is used for the Cowley County Fair, the Walnut Valley Festival, and many other community events. During the Walnut Valley Festival, “Barn 4” is home to many instrumental contests, including the international flat-picking championship. GPS Coordinates: 37.2399219, -97.0100943

“Cat Quilt Block”
Dava Carrell, 1721 Weile Street, Winfield KS 67156
Artist: Judith Miller
Hung: 2015
GPS Coordinates: 37.231358, -96.979131

“Ohio State Variable”
Dixie & Bob McClure, 5114 Kiowa Plains Ct, Udall KS 67146
Hung: 2015
GPS Coordinates: 37.417127, -97.125483

“Swinging Star”
Kenneth Geranne Mills, 13808 Hwy 160, Burden KS 67019
Artists: Deb Firebaugh & Kerri Falletti, Cowley First
Hung: 2015
This metal building was once used for country western music gatherings when previously owned by “Shorty” Beckham, a musician.
GPS Coordinates: 37.319 820 – 96.752 198

“American Star”
David and Georganna Lawson, 725 N Oak, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Hung: 2015
This patriotic themed pattern compliments George’s love for anything Americana!
GPS Coordinates: 37.319 820 – 96.752 198

“Criss Cross”
Vernon & Susan Dennett, 115 W 5th Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
This building once housed a local business but now used for personal use.
Located along the highway, this barn quilt is quite visible.
GPS Coordinates: 37.316 211 – 96.754 272

“Bear Claw”
Karen & Wayne Wilt, 19383 81st Road, Winfield KS 67156
Hung: 2015
This barn quilt is displayed on a new structure used as a horse stable.
GPS Coordinates: 37.211583, -97.005127

Joseph’s Storehouse, 424 N Main, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Hung: 2015
Just north of Joseph’s Storehouse, Main St., Burden is a Sunflower Barn Quilt in recognition of Sunflower Outreach Services provided by Joseph’s. The retail-resale shop features clothing, housewares and decorative shopping which supports the mission of the organization. Stop by the store Mon, Wed, Fri 9-4 and Sat 9-noon.
GPS Coordinates: 37.316 052, – 96.753 349

“POW MIA Flag”
Ssgt. Anthony & Danielle Collins, 515 Elm St, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Danielle Collins
Hung: 2015
This pattern was chosen to honor those that have served and sacrificed for our country.
GPS Coordinates: 37.316 683, – 96.756 029

“Big ‘D'”
Vernon & Susan Dennett, 12097 201st Rd, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Deb Firebaugh
Hung: 2015
Vernon and Susan have lived on their farm where they raised their family since 1975.

“Primary Star”
Sassy Lady Antiques and Tea Room, 503 Elm, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Donna Martin
As the house was being built some Indians, in full dress, stood across the street (where the Baptist Church now stands) and watched the construction as it progressed. PE owned the house and their son Jessie, who died there, was buried behind the barn. In 1910 a bullet entered a top window and its hole is still there.

“County Star”
Cowley County Courthouse, 311 E 9th, Winfield KS 67156
Artists: Cowley County Employees
The current Cowley County Courthouse was built in 1962.
Hung on the Cowley County Courthouse in Winfield, facing 9th Street, is the “County Star”. The quilt was painted the colors of the county logo and the eight-point star represents the eight incorporated cities of the county. Painted and hung by county employees, we hope locals and visitors enjoy it. View online all of the barn quilts in the county and learn more about the barn quilt movement at
GPS Coordinates: 37.240334, – 96.993633

“The Stamp”
Burden Post Office, 417 N Main, Burden Ks 67019
Artist: Liza Dobbs
Check out this quilt block inside the Burden Post Office. Painted by Burden resident Liza Dobbs it is an awesome replica of a postage stamp. How cool!! If you cannot make it by while the post office is open, it is very easily seen from outside of the building. Also, take a moment to see the Wall of Honor inside the post office recognizing locals currently serving in the military.
GPS Coordinates: 37.315720, – 96.753527

“Cross and Thorns”
Emerald Bank, 333 N Main, Burden KS 67019
Artist: Emerald Bank Employees
GPS Coordinates: 37.314927, -96.753676

“Rock Cross”
The Solid Rock Café, 301 S. Winfield St. Rock KS
Artist: Deb Firebaugh and Jo Lynne Brothers
The barn quilt is just one more reason to stop and visit the Solid Rock Café, operated
by Michelle Kelley. The Café is open Tuesday-Saturday for scratch-made breakfast
and lunch; also Saturday night for supper specials, including catfish.
GPS Coordinates: 37.440625, -97.006616

Ryan Moore, 205 N Seymour St, Udall KS 67146
GPS Coordinates: 37.3888729, -97.121469

“Rising Star”
Ernie and Kay Hull, 419 W Main, Cambridge KS 67023
The Hulls are lifelong residents of Cambridge where Ernie serves as the town mayor and Kay as the minister of the Cambridge Presbyterian Church.
GPS Coordinates: 37.320 079, -96.668 194