What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a set of tools for the collection and maintenance of databases and their spatial position. These tools are capable of creating maps and figures to display a multitude of data and the geographic position of that data within a particular area. Point, line, and polygon features are represented with associated attributes as layers within GIS. These layers can then be visually manipulated to draw illustrative and statistical conclusions. GIS can create maps for landowners, geographically represent sales data, illustrate and manage parcel boundaries, and calculate statistics as it relates to the geographic scope of a project. But the true scope of GIS is only limited by the needs and purposes of the user or requestor.

Cowley County Map Book

Cowley County, in collaboration with the cities of Arkansas City and Winfield, updated the map book for first responders and community partners.   The map book includes roads, cemeteries, airports, county landmarks, and other important feature for navigation through out the county. 

Download the Cowley County Map Book.

To purchase a printed map book, please contact the MIS/GIS Department at (620)221-5409.  

Interactive Mapping

Cowley County provides access to GIS and map information via our interactive county map and tools. Using a web browser, you can view a variety of geographic and related tabular information for the County.  For instructions on use please see the Public Map Instructions.

911 Address Assignment

The Cowley County MIS/GIS Department assigns addresses within the County limit and outside the city limits of Winfield and Arkansas City.  You can find a link to the Cowley County Emergency 911 Address Issuance and GIS Layer Maintenance Policy Manual below.  Please contact MIS/GIS if you have any questions regarding 911 assignment.

Cowley County Emergency 911 Address Issuance and GIS Layer Maintenance Policy Manual (Ver. 5.01 Rev- Dec 2019)

Request an Address
Please click below for a printable address request form, a signed original will need to be returned to the MIS/GIS office. 

Address Request Form

Map Downloads

If you need to have a specific map created that is not available above, please complete the Map Request Form. Completed forms can be emailed to the MIS/GIS office or returned by hand to the Cowley County Courthouse:

311 E 9th Avenue
Winfield, KS 67156

Map Disclaimer
This data has been prepared from information obtained from federal, state, state, and local sources.  Cowley County cannot be responsible for the accuracy of information obtained from these sources and certain information contained in this data may have been changed since such information was compiled.   Therefore, no warranties or representations whatsoever, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness, are made by Cowley County with respect to this data.  Under no circumstances shall Cowley County be responsible to any party for the costs, expenses or damages to any person or property arising from the use, misuse, sale, or reliance upon this data. 

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