Cowley County Youth Services (CCYS) is the criminal justice agency that provides programs and services for Juvenile in the 19th Judicial District under the direction of the Kansas Juveniles Justice Reformation act of 1997. Our vision is “changing lives of at-risk youth and their families for safer, stronger Kansas communities. Our mission is to “promote public safety by holding juvenile offenders accountable for their behaviors and improve the ability of youth to live productively and responsibly in their communities.
Barclay, Heidi - Juvenile Intake/Immediate Intervention Officer
Flamming, Lisa - Immediate Intervention Officer/Truancy Officer
Kennedy, Celena - Family Collaboration Coordinator
Pappan, Melody - Youth Services Administrator
Stanley, Kara - Community Supervision Officer
Sultz, Shannon - Immediate Intervention Officer/Truancy Officer
Truman, Ashley - Juvenile Intake/Immediate Intervention Officer
Wall, Charissa - Community Supervision Officer

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