Attendant Care
Cowley County Youth Services is one of the few Judicial Districts that still has an attendant care facility. The facility is licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and inspected annually by KDHE, Cowley County Health Department and the Winfield Fire Department. Attendant care is a non secure facility and consists of a day room and two bedrooms. It provides short-term care with one-on-one direct supervision of juveniles between the ages of 10 and 18 who have been taken into police custody as either an alleged juvenile offender or child in need of care. The attendant care facility is primarily used for youth that do not meet the criteria for detention, but that can not immediately return home.

Care Portal

Care Portal bridges the gap between local government agencies and local churches.  Cowley County Youth services along with the Department of Children and family services have partnered with the Care Portal to connect local churches to local children and families in crisis. This partnership has extended to receive COVID-19 related needs.  Cowley County Youth Services will be receiving requests for assistance in providing for emergency needs related to the COVID-19 virus and shutdown in three specific area:  1) Support an emergency worker, 2) Alleviate food & essentials insecurity, and 3) Stabilize housing insecurity.  As you know, this crisis is creating even more family breakdown than before.  For example, a father lost his job from the COVID-19 shutdown and he and his wife have a newborn baby – with no food in the house, no diapers, no formula, and no ability to buy these essentials.  This need was posted on Care Portal and a church stepped-up to meet that need.

If your church is interested in a partnership with the Care Portal or to report a COVID-19 related need please contact CCYS Director Melody Pappan. Below are links to make a referral.

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information

Care Portal request Form

General Information
Melody Pappan
Family Collaboration Coordinator
Celena Kennedy
Community Supervision Officer
Kara Stanley
Community Supervision Officer
Charissa Wall
Immediate Intervention/Truancy Officer
Shannon Sultz
Immediate Intervention/Truancy Officer
Lisa Flaming
Juvenile Intake Officer
Heidi Barclay
Phone Numbers
620-221-3454 620-441-4582
Fax: 620-221-4631
Emergencies: Dial 911
320 East 9th Avenue
Suite 4

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