CDBG- CV Grants

Cowley County CDBG-CV Grant 

Businesses in Cowley County who are facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to receive assistance through Cowley County CDBG-CV Grant Funds. This is a grant for those that experienced or are facing impending income losses or other stresses due to the COVID-19 pandemic through reimbursement of qualified expenses. The purpose of the program is to help local businesses retain jobs of low-to-moderate income families. 


Any for-profit business in operation prior to December 31, 2019, that is retaining jobs and benefiting 51% or more low-to-moderate income (LMI) families, and not owned by an elected official of this county. 

Use of grant funds: 

Reimbursement for operational relief, including payroll, utilities, rent, inventory (limited to 60 days), and other eligible monthly expenditures. Costs cannot be incurred prior to 03/1/2020. Grants cannot be used to pay back loans or for lost revenue. 

Amount of award is based on the number of retained employees to a maximum of: 

-1-5 Employees: Up to $4,000 based on need for the business and retained employees. 

-6-50 Employees: Up to $12,000 based on the need for the business and retained employees. 



The Application and forms are available on the website to download or a copy can be mailed upon request. We will continue to accept applications until all funds are exhausted, please submit by uploading to the website, mail, or drop off to the address below: 

 Kerri Falletti
 Cowley First - Cowley County Economic Development
311 E 9th, P.O. Box 462
 Winfield, KS 67156


The application will be considered for eligibility and review once the following information is submitted: 

Have questions and want to make sure you get all of the correct documents?
View the FAQs and Checklist HERE.

  1.  Application Form completed and signed 
    • To search your DUNS # Here
  2.  Employee Certification Forms for each of the retained employees -note the number of employee certifications submitted must equal the total number of jobs retained on page 1 of the application –(make copies as needed) Form Found HERE
  3.  Current Payroll Roster Report including name, title, hire date, hours worked, rate of pay, pay period (weekly, biweekly, Monthly), and indicate current employees from date of application -signed and dated by owner.
  4.  Itemized expense report listing request for reimbursable expenses, and list uses of PPP and EIDL. 
    • If PPP funds were received, submit a letter from the lender that states the status of the forgiveness process. 
    • If PPP funds were not received, submit a letter that states they were not received. 
  5.  Narrative Letter (signed and dated by business owners) from business explaining that the effects of COVID-19 has shut down or will shut down the business if funding is not secured. 

Submit Your Application HERE 

Once Approved: 

                -If approved, the business will be required to supply a detailed Expense Report with invoices, receipts and proof of payment for funds seeking to be reimbursed. Please note the invoices must be dated 3-1-2020 or later including check number and paid date written on each invoice. 

Questions please contact: 
Kerri Falletti at  or 620-221-9951 or 620-442-3094

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