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Contact Us Information
311 E. 9th Ave.
PO Box 472
Fax: 620.221.1097; 620.442.7213
Nick St. Peter
Baumgartner, Joyleen - District Court Clerk
Blakey, Kandy - Trial Court Clerk II
Bullard, Cathy - Trial Court Clerk II
Fellers, Joyce - Court Service Officer
Hollis, Kris - Court Service Officer
Hunt, Jackie - Court Service Officer
Kling, Ashley - Court Service Officer
Mangrum, Laura - Administrative Assistant
Seidel, Gay - Trial Court Clerk II
Smith, Dan - Court Service Officer
Uhrig, Steve - Trial Court Clerk II
Wallace, Margaret - Trial Court Clerk II
Wilson, Amber - Trial Court Clerk II
Wilson, Cheryl - Chief Court Clerk
Young, Kristin - Administrative Assistant
Contact Us Information
311 East 9th Avenue
Lucas Goff
Butler, Brett - Accounts Payable Specialist
Ford, Jason - Custodial Maintenance Tech
Goff, Lucas - Administrator
Swanson, James - Custodial Maintenance Technician
Swanson, Roger - Custodial Technician
Wilson, Barbara "BJ" - Custodial Technician
The assessment process is the basis for developing property values and is the tool for equalizing the distribution of the tax burden. Remember that the county appraiser's office does not determine taxes.
Contact Us Information
321 East 10th Avenue
2nd Floor
Fax: 620.221.5442
Lori Reedy
Burson, Anna - Deputy County Appraiser
Davis, Shane - Data Collector
Ediger, Ethan - Commercial Appraiser
Gropper, John - Data Collector
Love, Hallee - Administrative Assistant
Martinez, Francisco - Residential Supervisor
Morgan, Nicki-Kay - Appraiser II
Reedy, Lori - County Appraiser
Snell, Debbie - Personal Property Appraiser I
Contact Us Information
311 E. 9th
Larry Schwartz
Dumontelle, Kiesha - Temporary Legal Secretary
Fazel, Christian - Deputy County Attorney
Keefe, Janice - Part-Time Clerk
Otte, Ian - Deputy Attorney
Salcedo, Kim - Office Manager
Schones, Kelley - Legal Secretary I
Schwartz, Larry - Attorney
Wilson, Michelle - Legal Secretary II
The County Clerk’s Office assists in filling out the Homestead and Safe Senior Tax forms. As an agent for the State Wildlife and Parks, we provide Boat Permits.
Contact Us Information
321 E. 10th Ave
Karen Madison
Blanton, Kelli - Deputy County Clerk
Cartlidge, Kayla - Deputy County Clerk
Madison, Karen - Clerk
Cowley County Community Corrections operates the Community Corrections Act programs in the 19th Judicial District of Kansas. Cowley County is located in south central Kansas on the Oklahoma border and within one-hour drive of Wichita. Cowley County encompasses 1,126 square miles with a total population of 36,204 (estimated) per the 2013 census. Winfield, the County Seat, is the largest city within the county with a total population of 12,365 and Arkansas City is the second largest city with a population of 12,340. The 19th Judicial District operates two separate Courts, one in Winfield and one in Arkansas City.
Contact Us Information
320 East 9th Street
Suite C
Fax: 620.221.4631
Chanel Stroud
Anderson, Tannis - Intensive Supervision Officer
Jeffries, Zachary - Intensive Supervision Officer
Krook, Michelle - Community Corrections Secretary
Read, Mary - Community Corrections Director
Stroud, Chanel - Intensive Supervision Officer
The Kansas Department on Aging and Disability Services contracts with 27 Community Developmental Disability Organizations to help coordinate services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Cowley County CDDO Department serves as the single point of entry for people seeking Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services in Cowley County. Cowley County CDDO Department has operated as the CDDO for Cowley County since 2009 and does not provide direct services to individuals. Cowley County CDDO Department is one of only 5 of 27 CDDOs in the state that does not provide direct services. The CDDO Department’s mission is to facilitate access to quality supports and services which promote integration, inclusion, independence and productivity for intellectually/developmentally disabled residents of Cowley County in accord with State Statutes, applicable Kansas Administrative Regulations and Policy and Procedure.
Contact Us Information
321 E. 10th Ave.
Fax: 620.402.6341
Heather Goodman
Goodman, Heather - BASIS Assessor
Misasi, Linda - CDDO Director
Wogoman, Amanda - Secretary
Contact Us Information
311 E. 9th
Wayne Wilt
Groom, Alan - County Commissioner
Voegele, Bob - County Commissioner
Wilt, Wayne - County Commissioner
Contact Us Information
311 East 9th Street Avenue
Ashlynn Hallemeier
Hallemeier, Ashlynn - Administrative Assistant
Cowley County Emergency Communications serves as a vital link between the citizens and public safety agencies for Cowley County.  When receiving and processing 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency calls, our mission is to dispatch Emergency Services in a prompt, efficient, courteous and professional manner. With continued education and a commitment to excellence, we help save lives, protect property, and assist the public in their time of need. As Communication Officers, we will proudly make Cowley County a safer community in which to live, work, and visit.
Contact Us Information
321 East 10th Avenue
Douglas K. Allison
Allison, Doug - Emergency Communications Director
Bauler, Adam - Communication Officer II
Bodkins, Wayne - Communication Officer II
Chrisman, Rebecca - CCEC Supervisor
Cooper, Juleea - Communication Officer I
Esquivel, Toni - Communication Officer II
Kazban, Kelly - Communications Officer II
Linares, Emilo - Communications Officer l
Lovell, Jaime - Communications Officer I
Maxon, Paul - CCEC Supervisor
Potter, Andrea - Communication Officer I
Tally, Whitney - Communication Officer I
Contact Us Information
321 East 10th Avenue
Dory, Taylor - P/T Volunteer Coordinator
Kazban, Jason - Emergency Management Specialist
Stone, Brian - Emergency Management Director
Stradal, John - Emergency Managment Coordinator
The Engineering Department oversees maintenance and operation of county roads, bridges, transfer station, and Memorial Lawn Cemetery. Our Road & Bridge Crews strive to provide the citizens of Cowley County the safest possible driving conditions through year round maintenance of over 300 miles of county roads and 250 bridges. The Landfill/Transfer Station operates six days a week and processes an average of 200 tons of municipal solid waste each day. Memorial Lawn was originally established in 1933 but has been owned and maintained by the county since 1993.
Contact Us Information
311 East 9th Avenue
Fax: 620-221-5496
Baker, Martin - Equipment Operator
Baker, Tyson - Equipment Operator
Bonnell, Buck - Equipment Operator
Brogan, Joshua - Equipment Operator
Brown, James - Working Foreman
Chrisman, Levi - Equipment Operator
Conklin, Scotty - Equipment Operator
Delain, Joshua - Working Foreman
Estrada, Jose - Equipment Operator
Frazee, Jeremy - Equipment Operator
Harris, Kevin - Equipment Operator
Higgins, Christopher - Equipment Operator
Imel, Kristi - Office Manager
Jordan, John - Senior Equipment Operator
Maxwell, James - Working Foreman
O'Bryan, Robert - Sign Technician
Parsons, Kevin - Senior Equipment Operator
Petersen, Jerry - Working Landfill Foreman
Pudden, Todd - Equipment Operator
Schooley, James - Senior Equipment Operator
Smith, Bruce - Equipment Operator
Snell, Shane - Equipment Operator
Swanson, Gary - Shop Mechanic
Torrance, Melissa - Land Fill Clerk
Triplett, Daron - Senior Equipment Operator
Contact Us Information
311 E. 9th Ave
Penny Sheetz
Allison, Marshall - MIS/GIS Specialist
Doyal, Jarrod - GIS Specialist/ Database Admin
Sheetz, Penny - PC Support/GIS Tech Specialist I
Contact Us Information
311 E. 9th
Eric Neal
Neal, Eric - Noxious Weeds Supervisor
Contact Us Information
320 E 9th Ave
Suite B
Donals, Marsha - Director of Nursing
Langer, Tanner - Environmental Health
Langer, Thomas - Health Department Administrator
The Cowley County Register of Deeds Office is the central location for vital records and land records for Cowley County.  The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for recording and maintaining transactions affecting real estate in Cowley County.  This includes but is not limited to; deeds, mortgages, oil and gas leases, and plats.  We also file financing statements, tax liens, power of attorney, death certificates and military discharges.
Contact Us Information
PO BOX 741
311 E 9TH
Toni A. Long
Brown, Becky - Administrative Assistant
Long, Toni - County Register of Deeds
Sigg, Elaina - Deputy Register of Deeds
Contact Us Information
911 Fuller
Fax: 620.221.5448
David Falletti
Adams, Randy - Secretary
Allen, Stacey - Sergeant Detective
Allender, Nicole - Secretary
Alley, Lindsy - Corrections Officer
Arrowsmith, Mikel - Sergeant Corrections Officer
Brashear, Charles - Part-Time Corrections Officer
Butters, John - Jail Administrator
Chattam, Deborah - Corrections Officer
Cyrus, Bryan - Sheriff Deputy
Day, Joel - Part-Time Deputy
Deringer, Robin - Jail Nurse
Elam, Caleb - Master Deputy
Falletti, Dave - Sheriff
Feck, Lori - Office Manager
Franklin, Kaleb - Sheriff Deputy
Haggerty, Daniel - Sheriff Deputy
Hilario, Ricki - Corrections Officer
Hittle, Dennis - Part-Time Deputy
Horinek, Kevin - Sergeant
Johnson, Cory - Sheriff Deputy
Kingsley, Milton - Part-Time Deputy
Larson, Luke - Sheriff Deputy
Long, Dale - Part-Time Deputy
Mann, Jimmy - Corporal
Mannon, Jason - Corporal
Mannon, Michele - Corrections Officer
McDonald, Christina - Undersheriff
McDonald, Kevin - Part-Time Corrections Officer
Monroe, Chad - Sergeant
Mosqueda, Michaela - Corrections Officer
Mueller, Bill - Part-Time Deputy
Myers, Gabrielle - Part-Time Corrections Officer
Pool, Ann - Corporal
Porter, Scott - Sergeant
Riedl, Kyle - Part-Time Deputy
Robinson, Linda - Sergeant Corrections Officer
Rush, Hunter - Corrections Officer
Scott, Tommy - Lieutenant
Sheetz, Brian - Master Deputy
Shepard, Brian - Corrections Officer
Shook, Patrick - Corrections Officer
Shriner, Jeffrey - Corrections Officer
Siebuhr, Timothy - Corrections Officer
Stephenson, Russell - Corrections Officer
Sunnenberg, Cory - Master Deputy
Thayer, Cody - Part-time Corrections Officer
Van Royen, John - Corporal
Waldrop, Alice - Sergeant
Ware, Ryan - Corporal
Watts, Susan - Med-Tech
Weber, Levi - Corrections Officer
Weible, Meagan - Corrections Officer
Whitley, Rhett - Corrections Officer
Williams, Tiger - Corrections Officer
Wilson, Zachary - Road Deputy
Wilt, Roger - Corporal
Workman, Colin - Corrections Officer
Young, Brian - Road Deputy
Young, Scott - Part-Time Corrections Officer
The Cowley County Treasurer’s primary function of collecting real estate, personal property, intangible and motor vehicle taxes, special assessments, and other miscellaneous taxes for Cowley County, cities, townships, school districts, and other taxing jurisdictions. The Treasurer apportions and distributes such revenue to local taxing units. In addition, the Treasurer performs the function of a bank for all revenue-generating County departments.
Contact Us Information
321 E 10th Ave.
DeCoudres, Maci - Treasurer
Gill, Amanda - Auto License Clerk II
Hopper, Emily - Deputy Treasurer
Knapp, Haley - Motor Vehicle Coordinator
McPherson, Laura - Tax Clerk
McPherson, Tracy - Tax Clerk
Morton, Kathleen - Auto License Clerk II
Sigg, Michelle - Auto License Clerk I
Cowley County Youth Services (CCYS) is the criminal justice agency that provides programs and services for Juvenile in the 19th Judicial District under the direction of the Kansas Juveniles Justice Reformation act of 1997. Our vision is “changing lives of at-risk youth and their families for safer, stronger Kansas communities. Our mission is to “promote public safety by holding juvenile offenders accountable for their behaviors and improve the ability of youth to live productively and responsibly in their communities.
Contact Us Information
320 East 9th Avenue
Suite 4
Fax: 620-221-4631
Shannon Sultz
Barclay, Heidi - Juvenile Intake/Immediate Intervention Officer
Flamming, Lisa - Immediate Intervention Officer/Truancy Officer
Kennedy, Celena - Family Collaboration Coordinator
Pappan, Melody - Youth Services Administrator
Stanley, Kara - Truancy Officer
Sultz, Shannon - Community Supervision Officer
Truman, Ashley - Juvenile Intake/Immediate Intervention Officer
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