Licenses and Permits

Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) License

All CMB licensees must be registered to collect and remit Kansas sales tax. All CMB applications shall be made on the forms prescribed by the Attorney General and submitted to the:

  • City Clerk if the retailer is located within an incorporated city.
  • County Clerk if the retailer is located outside of an incorporated city.
  • Director of ABC if the retailer is operating on a railway car.

Please allow 30 days for processing applications.

CMB Handbook (external link; PDF format)

CMB application information (This information is for rural parts of Cowley County. If your business is in an incorporated city please contact that City Clerk.

Fish and Game Licenses

You can purchase licenses and permits using a Toll Free Number 1-800-918-2877

or online through Kansas Wildlife and Parks

Beginning January 1, 2021 the Clerk's Office will no longer sell hunting/fishing licenses.

The following places of business currently sell licenses according to KDWP website:

WAL-MART #978 - License/Permit Agent
 2715 N SUMMIT
 (620) 442-2063 

BABIS PETRO STOP - License/Permit Agent
 2124 E 9TH
 (620) 221-0882 

WAL-MART #369 - License/Permit Agent
 2202 PIKE RD
 (620) 221-6233 

WINFIELD CITY LAKE - License/Permit Agent
 (620) 221-5635 

HOME ON THE RANGE - License/Permit Agent
 512 MAIN
 (620) 402-6700 

UDALL GROCERIES - License/Permit Agent
 301 E HWY K-15
 UDALL, KS 67146
 (620) 782-3611 

MIKES BAIT AND TACKLE - License/Permit Agent
 (620) 441-8630 

For a list of requirements for Fishing Licenses click here

For a list of requirements for Hunting and Furharvester Licenses click here


Boat Permit

You can register your boat for $42.50 at:

  • Cowley County Clerk’s Office


The requirements for registering a boat have changed:

Each customer needs fill out an Application for Certificate Number.  Supporting documentation need to be photocopied and attached to the application.  Customers are asked to supply a photo or pencil tracing of the HIN be submitted with registration paperwork for a New or Transfer application.  The customer should retain any original copies of tax forms, titles, etc.

The following documents must be attached to each signed application:

-If purchased from a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL - bill of sale from individual selling the boat, or registered owner’s certificate of number marked sold and signed.  If customer does not have a bill of sale, provide customer with a ‘Statement of Fact’ form.

-If purchased from a KANSAS DEALER - STD8 tax form from the dealer, or sales receipt showing sales tax paid.

-If purchased from an OUT OF STATE DEALER - bill of sale showing sales tax paid to other state, or if no sales tax was collected the applicant must go to the County Treasurer to pay the sales tax and obtain a receipt form showing sales tax paid.

-If Documented by the US Coast Guard - copy of the documentation papers

By law, if the boat was purchased from a dealer, proof of sales tax paid must be provided before the certificate can be issued.

Fireworks Permit

You can apply for a Fireworks Permit to sell consumer fireworks or display commercial fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Cowley County. Contact the City Clerk to obtain rules regarding fireworks in each of the 9 incorporated cities in Cowley County. The deadline to file is yearly June 1st. For a list of Cowley County Regulations see Resolution No. 2006-05 and 2006-08.

Moving Permits

Over-wide, over-height or over-length vehicles desiring to travel on county roads must have a permit prior to making the trip. To view the permit click here.                                                                                                                       


Transient Merchant License


Transient Vendor: A transient vendor is any person (individual, partnership or corporation) who does not maintain a residence or place of business in Kansas, but who brings property into the State to sell to consumers.

Transient Merchant License Application

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